What is WDYSTWA?

It's a question and an acronym.


It's a question about the search for our own identity.

This is a question I ask of our Creator; I pose it to Jesus just as He poses it to His disciples, and to us, in the Gospel of Matthew. My family and I have been on a spiritual journey, really for our whole lives but it took a "left-hand turn at Albuquerque" back in 2016, which is easily one of the hardest years of my life and I would never want to repeat it, and yet, God's faithfulness to our family during a marriage and family crisis that rocked us to our core, proves His unending love and His tender hand which always leads us to safest place we can be: His arms. It has led us on a deeper hunger to find and unite with the most generous, sacred heart; the most precious relationship I can have and it is with someone who loves me more than any one could ever love me: my God, deserving of all my adoration and affection, my Abba.

I encourage you in your search for your own identity to ask Him the same question, not just of Him but of others, as well. What you will find is that there is no one as generous, no one as kind, no one as merciful and loving as He is in His response about who you are.

Maybe, if you're curious you will stick around and read about the life-changing, belief-somersaulting, real-life answers I've discovered along the way. I'm still in awe of our journey and it's not over, yet! If you've been searching for knowledge of who you are, of how you fit into this world, of where you belong and/or why you even exist, or if you want to know if there really is a plan just for you, you're not alone. You're just one of several other billions of people asking the exact same questions. We all want to know if we are loved...if we are enough.

Along those lines, if you've ever wondered things like, "How could all of the love in the world plus all of the truths of the universe, all the natural laws, a so-called Creator of everything, who is supposedly the being who possesses the power which generates all of the forces of life, and spoke it entirely into being, who upholds this existence (without which we would instantaneously disintegrate like the man in Indiana Jones who drank the wrong holy grail), in combination with having instituted a Church, who chose a people to be His own, who has sent Himself, an innocent man, who is also God, who chose to die a most excruciating, painful and so wrongful death and yet so great was His death because of what it accomplished, oh, but wait, then He was RESURRECTED?!? How is it that all of that could possibly fit together in a profoundly beautiful, mind-blowing, neatly tied bow?

Well, my friend, can I call you my friend? Friend, you've just stumbled upon the most amazing find of your life. Not because I'm such a great writer but because you are loved so deeply, so profoundly, that if you read what I have to share over time, it will sincerely change you for the better, you will have so much peace and so much understanding that no one will be able to steal your joy, or ruin your life...seriously. My hope is for sharing my journey to educate others on some much needed, yet often misguided, misconstrued, misinterpreted and even, at it's worst, all-together wrong information regarding all the things...anything that affects our identity...things like Christianity, Church History, the early Church Fathers, popular Catholic myths, being raised Protestant, what is liturgy, Evangelicals, the fear of being Left Behind, sexual abuse in churches, feminism, politics, authority as we see it in our culture, same sex attraction and gender bending, what we have been doing wrong in the pro-life movement, the book of Revelation and the Mass, is Genesis historically accurate, the life of prayer and it's stages, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth (the mystery of the now and the not yet), what is the Trinity and how are we supposed to understand such an important mystery that's not even mentioned in the Bible, who seeks unity in the world and is that actually part of God's plan, and so, so much more that we have encountered and learned about on our path. What I am finding is that we, in the US, (and probably around the world but I can only speak so far for our culture as I know it and have encountered it) know very little about salvation history and how we got from Jesus, much less Adam and Eve, (roughly 6,000-8,000 years ago, that'll be it's own blog topic later on.) all the way to present-day, 2018. The majority of Christians in the United States claim to know Jesus and are supposedly willing to devote their lives to a cause that they really have only scratched the surface of understanding. That's why I'm here. I want to pose questions that make you think, that cause you to dig deeper, that make you hunger for truth. I have no interest in feeding an echo-chamber or even arguing from within one or with someone who is stuck in one. My hope and prayer is to crush echo-chambers and to free people from the confines of untruths. To give hope to those who have been abused by religion and in the name of God, which is the greatest evil done to man. I want to come along side all of you, each of you, and help you find answers that you may not even acknowledge that your heart seeks to know. As the scripture goes, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." What we think we know is so small and so constrained compared to the whole of truth and the amount of truth we can find simply through desiring to find it is so empowering, enlightening and transformative that I can't help but be vocal about what I've learned!


You may be wondering where all of my photos went and why I'm talking about God and being all weird and stuff all of a sudden...


 I finally feel brave enough to explain and to talk about our journey. To share about our faith, our family, our failures, our misunderstandings, our marriage, our parenting, our joys, our sorrows, and all of our redeemed shame. 


"You can have no greater sign of confirmed pride than when you think you are humble enough."—C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain