The Love-Macs | Family

Recently I was contacted to shoot an in-home family session, by a photographer and fellow Columbian...wait...Columbusian...I mean, resident of Columbus. ;) I'm always excited and a little anxious when contacted to shoot another photographer's family because that tells me that they are an artist, maybe like me, or maybe not. Therefore we could have different opinions about our art and that makes me a little nervous.

That being said, hopefully, when you are choosing a photographer for your family, you are doing so based on that photographer's body of work. What you saw that attracted you to them, er, their business, I mean. There are many, many different styles of photography that span the spectrum, so ALWAYS be sure you like what you see of their work before you book a photographer. 

It was encouraging to hear, upfront, that she loved my style and was excited to have me in their home, capturing those everyday, precious yet oh-so-fleeting, interactions. We had a bright, sunny day so we were even able to make it outside for a couple of shots as we wrapped up our session.

Their little guys, Finn and Sawyer were adorable and so fun to meet and play with. Ahhhhh. Kids. They are at the heart of my business. They are why I do what I do. I enjoy it so much.

Special thanks to the Love-Macs for choosing Happy Ely After for their family photography.

You guys made my day!

On a sidenote, you can check out their work on their website, ( Or go to their Facebook business page and show them some "LOVE". :)

Enjoy. <3

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