Rory 1 Year | Birthday

Most of you, who follow my photography, have probably noticed that the Drennings are one of my frequent flyer families. My husband had the honor and privilege of photographing them when they got married ( and delightfully sent them my way when they contacted him about the birth of a beautiful baby girl, last year.

Rory just turned one. Her parents wanted some individuals of her for her first birthday but because of the time of year, (you gotta love Ohio winters) we decided that an in-home family session, with an emphasis on this little cutie, would be our best choice. It didn't even feel like work. Rory is a silly and playful little girl who is full of joy and smiles. Watching her grow and change over the last year has been so fun. I think the duck lips were my favorite part of this session. I can't wait to see what silliness she will have for me next time!

Happy First Birthday, Rory June!

Enjoy. <3

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