Smith | Kiddos

Despite this typically very cold season, I have been keeping busy with family sessions. We have had some "acceptable weather" days here in Ohio's capital. However, this particular day got to be a little too cold to complete our one hour session. We planned our session near the downtown public library, so that we could scoot inside and finish up if we needed to. 

The kiddos were troopers. Sweet little Abigail is a month old and was a perfect little model for her basket portraits. Actually, she stayed asleep for almost the entire session! Score! Her big brother, Ryne, kept us on our toes, with his boundless, toddler energy. That was great for keeping our blood pumping on such a chilly day. :)

It's always unpredictable with little ones, especially when you want to get them in photos, TOGETHER. We definitely had to get creative with these two but that's part of the excitement for me. There is never a dull moment during one of my sessions but, hopefully, my families always end up with unique photos of their loved ones that they can cherish forever.

Thanks so much, Smith family!

Enjoy. <3

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