Rilo | 11 Months

Oh man, guys. This is month 11. She is almost one year old! How in the heck did that happen so fast?! I've been planning her birthday party and I keep thinking, "My baby is going to be one. She is almost not a baby. She is going to be a toddler soon." So bittersweet. 

I knew that 3 kids would make life even crazier and that this first year was going to be a tough one. Anytime there is a big transition in your life, it can be tough. I'm not certain though, that being pregnant with a third wasn't actually harder than taking care of three kids has been. At any rate, this year has been one of many transitions and it has flown by. My sweet girl has been a true joy much more of the time than not. 

I am so thankful for her. 

This happy little girl was the perfect addition to our family. 

We are very blessed.

Enjoy. <3

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