Rilo | 10 Months

Ok, guys. It seems as though, every month now, I'm a little later and later on posting the monthly photos of Rilo. A week or two won't make a difference once she is grown, right? As long as we are able to look back at these month markers and see how much she changed in such a small amount of time, I will be happy.

At this age, she is very busy. She doesn't stay in one spot for long. She is very easily distracted. I was a little concerned that she may not even cooperate for these, as she has been a bit tempermental with cutting teeth, lately. She has 7.4 teeth, so far. (Ha! Her 8th one has one corner through.) So, as you will see below, I tried to bribe her that morning with a piece of turkey bacon. It was her first time but she LOVED it. The only problem is that she started eating it faster than I anticipated and I didn't want her to choke so I took it away. BIG MISTAKE! Way to almost ruin the shoot, Val. Luckily, I distracted her with my lens cap and then she found her favorite place in the hallway. The cabinet.

So, this month's shoot, as per usual, isn't too fancy. Just a hallway, some bacon and a cabinet. But hey, it's not about being fancy. It's about extraordinary, little moments in your ordinary day. I love this girl.

Enjoy. <3

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