Blinn | Birth

I got a call on a Sunday afternoon, around 1:30pm, informing me that Kelli was at the hospital because labor had started in the night and they wanted to get things checked out. There were factors occurring that would make it safer to go ahead and keep her while she continued to labor than to send her home and wait for the intensity to pick up. So, very excitedly, I packed my bag and headed over to the hospital. Some friends of theirs had been in town visiting and were supposed to have lunch with them. Much to their surprise, they got to visit with them in Kelli's hospital room, instead. :)

I got to hang out with them for a while and photograph the settling in process. Because they weren't sure how quickly she would progress and the fact that I live nearby, I headed home and waited for the call. We decided that I would come back by the time she was 7-8cm so that I could photograph the delivery.

I got the call at 10:24pm. Left my house at 10:29pm and I arrived at Kelli's door at 10:47pm. I knocked and paused for 5 seconds only to hear the sound of a newborn cry! I missed it! Kelli had been in the bathroom at the time of needing to push and didn't make it back to the bed before little Jonathan arrived. 

What an emotional event. To add to the awesome chaos, the cord and iv tubing got tangled in delivery! It became somewhat comical to think back on afterward. Kelly did such an amazing job! Matt was also incredible. Such an involved and supportive husband and daddy. They are a great team. 

Baby Jonathan Francis was a healthy and perfect little peanut, weighing in at 5 lbs. 2 oz!

Jonathan has a remarkably sweet big sister, Zachari Jane, who actually cried upon learning that she had a little brother because she had wanted a sister. BUT she warmed up to him immediately upon holding him. So, we'll just let that be our little secret. :)

This is a beautiful and loving family. I am so privileged to have witnessed and documented such a precious and sacred event. 

Thank you, Blinn family.

Enjoy. <3

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