Rigsby | Family (In-Home Session)

Sometimes when you make plans, it doesn't go as expected and you are forced to improvise. This session is a reflection of such an occurrence.

We planned to do one of my typical outdoor family sessions but due to an unanticipated need for rescheduling our first date and then inclement weather for our second attempt, I suggested that we try an In-Home Session and see what we could come up with. 

I am so glad that we did. An In-Home Session has a more intimate feel (which I love!) and very simply captures the essence of a family dynamic. 

The Rigsby's are very sweet and laid back so they made my job easy. Even with little Stella being at the age of development when kids don't really care if you are there to take their photo, she still did a great job of cooperating.

Kids do so much better when they are able to be in their element and comfort zone. I often think about parents who take their kids to studios for portraits. (We have been those parents in the past.) I have even offered studio-style portraits. Some of them did not go over very well. What I have realized is that taking children to a place they have never been, in a place where they aren't allowed to touch anything, and expect them to sit still, look at a bright light and also, don't forget to be excited and smile, seems like the exact opposite way to capture a child's personality. It's no wonder family photos can and have been frustrating for so many families, not to mention the high expectations and unpredictability of the outcome for the photographer.

You also miss out on the opportunity to get those interactions that I think make the session! A warm embrace, a sweet little giggle, the grasp of tiny fingers, and even that fraction of a second when eyes lock, a smile peeks and the connection is so strong that you can feel it through your lens. That's what I love. Happy moments. That is what my photography is all about. That's why I love FAMILY photography. Childhood will become a glimpse in the rearview mirror of life. It happens before you know it. I have three young children and I already have to use photos of them to jog certain memories that I thought I would keep forever. I want my families (clients) to be able to use these photos to hold onto those memories. When there are too many to count and not enough room in your brain to store, you can look back through photos and remember with thorough enjoyment, all of those happy moments. 

Enjoy. <3

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