Laing | Kids

I was contacted recently, by the parents of these little sweethearts, to photograph some age milestones of their kids. John is 7, Sylvia is 3 and William is 6 months. 

They're full of spunk and personality so it was a joy to capture a few keepers of each one of them and also a couple of shots of the sibs all together. 

It's always a toss up when photographing multiple kids at one time. Inevitably, someone is having an off time of it. (At least, in my house, that's usually the case.) Lol. Fortunately, they were all cooperative and good sports about the whole thing. I give props to mom who prepped them beforehand with a little talk and also stuffed some halloween candy in their pockets, for good measure, that they could have at the end, if they cooperated!

Gotta love prepared moms. Also, bribes are great, too!

Thanks again, Laing family, for a wonderful session!

Enjoy. <3

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