Rilo | 7 Months

So October has flown by for us. Some of you know that we went on our first "Family of Five" vacation this month. It was great! Fun, chaotic, wild, relaxing only at times (ha!) and definitely WARM. It was wonderful.

I am a little behind on my editing but Rilo turned 7 months in October and I decided to snap a few of her monthly photos on the beach, since we may not get that opportunity again for quite some time. I usually like to take a few more than I was able to get for this shoot but she loved the sand so much, she started to eat it!

This was the messiest session, yet.

I love them. 

Oh man. It's great to be back in the midwest for the bulk of our lovely autumn weather BUT I definitely left a little piece of my heart and soul in sunny Florida.

Enjoy. <3

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