Nursing Mommas Project 2012

The project is finally complete! Many of you have read the reasoning for my desire to start and complete this project. Some of you may not have read that post from back in June so I will attach a link to it, here:


I have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph 10 momma/child pairs, over the last month and a half, in their homes, doing what they do. Some of the mommas work outside the home, some work at their home but they are all full-time mommas who also breastfeed.

In honor of the 20th National Breastfeeding Awareness month, I just wanted to take the time to create something that would not only bring about awareness but also would help to encourage, support and establish normalcy of breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding. I want other mommas to feel empowered by this post. My purpose is not to defeat you in whatever choices you have made for your little ones. You may have heard the phrase, "Breast is best." The truth is that there ARE many benefits that babies can get from breastfeeding that they can not get from formula. However, there are also many reasons why breastfeeding is not a possibility to begin with. There are also reasons why mommas have to discontinue nursing, at different stages of baby's development. So please hear me on this, do what you believe is best for your family and feel good about it.

Having said that, I want to point out that there are a lot of mommas who do not breastfeed because of lack of support and/or education or resources on breastfeeding, so I am going to take a little space right here to share some facts and links for info and support if you want to continue nursing but need help or if you want to start when you become a momma and have questions.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

"The breastfeeding campaign, funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, hopes to empower women to commit to breastfeeding by highlighting new research showing that babies who are exclusively breastfed for six months are less likely to develop ear infections, diarrhea and respiratory illnesses, and may be less likely to develop childhood obesity."

7 Benefits For Mothers Who Breastfeed

Working Mommas

Breastfeeding in Public

The federal government has many laws in place that protect breastfeeding women. Many women have reported feeling uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, even doing so discreetly. But it is important to remember that you are feeding your baby. You are not doing anything inappropriate. And even though it may seem taboo in some places, awareness of the need to support new breastfeeding mothers is building. (Resource)

International Le Leche League (See if there is one in your area.)

Great resource to get support from mommas like you!

Le Leche League of Ohio

Lastly, I want to give a special thank you to the mommas of this project. It takes a lot of courage to make yourself vulnerable for this public project. You are wonderful women and mommas and I wish you all the best in motherhood. Thank you so much for opening your home to me!

Whether you were part of this project or just someone who cares about breastfeeding, please feel free to share this link and spread the word of encouragement and beauty in this message.

Here we go.

Enjoy. <3

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Meet Maggie. Maggie is a freelance writer and is a full-time momma to her 34 month old, Rosalie.

Meet Beth. Beth is a full-time shopkeeper at a design studio and is a full-time momma to her 10 month old, Owen and his older brother, Will.

Meet Lindsay. Lindsay works full-time in Finance Revenue Assurance and is a full-time momma to her 5 month old, Rory.

Meet Erica. Erica is a full-time momma to her 5 month old, Phoenix and his older brother, Atticus.

Meet Jodie. Jodie is a freelance graphic designer and is a full-time momma to her 23 month old, Leo and his older brother, Ronan.

Meet Laura. Laura is a part-time nanny and is a full-time momma to her 32 month old, Clementine.

Meet April Mae. April Mae is a part-time tutor and is a full-time momma to her 5 month old, Indigo Mae.

Meet Heidi. Heidi is a full-time sign language interpreter for the deaf and is a full-time momma to her 16 month old, Lily Marie.

Meet Chelsea. Chelsea runs an online cycling cap company and is a full-time momma to her 21 month old, Noah.

Meet Michelle. Michelle is a full-time momma to her 5 day old, Caspian and his older sister and brother, Clover and Saylor.

Meet me. I am a part-time child and family photographer and a full-time momma to my 4 month old, Rilo and her older sister and brother, Piper and Jude.