Nursing Mommas Project (Inspiration)

Ok so, as I posted before, I've been inspired. I'm certain that many of you have seen the recent and incredibly controversial cover of Time. But just in case you had taken a media sabbatical and crawled into a hole, here it is:

Ever since this cover came out, I've had the desire to do a retake of that photo. Now, not exactly like that photo. I don't want to do an in-studio retake. I'd like to do something more natural. I just don't feel that it depicts a real nursing scenario and also that it furthers the awkwardness that may already be associated with nursing, by some people. Now, I loved the idea of bringing awareness and support about breastfeeding to the front lines of media but I don't like how they did it. Of course, there is the theory that they brought it about in this manner because it would get more hype and publicity. So, for what it's worth, good job, it worked! I am a big proponent of breastfeeding. I nursed my oldest until he was 16 months, my second child until she was 11 months and my third is still nursing at the age of 3 months. I want to delve into this project whole heartedly because I believe that there should be more support of breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding in our culture. I am, however, not bashing or belittling those who are unable or choose not to breastfeed, for whatever their reasons may be. So please don't misunderstand. This is meant to be a positive piece and not meant to create more controversy. The project that I want to create will not be comparative. It will depict the nature of nursing your child. I just want to capture the natural beauty of nursing in a way that is not staged.

That being said, I have been wanting to start this project for a while but life slowed me down. Today, I came across a person who was giving away this beautiful wooden rocker:

Thus my motivation to begin my Nursing Mommas Project. I am looking for nursing moms and babies/children of all ages. I want to do short sessions of many moms/babies and capture several different scenarios. I would like to take some in an outdoor setting either on a blanket or in this rocker. I would also like to take some either on a couch and/or on a bed or your favorite chair (ideally a nap-time nursing session so that I have some window light).  They will be discreet, so no worries there. I am looking for 1-2 ages newborn to three months, 1-2 ages six-nine months and (The worldwide average to breastfeed is until age 4) 1-2 ages one year-four years.

I will not be charging for these sessions since this is a personal project. If you would like a disc of your images, I will make those available for $50 (high resolution files).

I'm really excited to start this project. I would like to have it completed by August, with it being National Breastfeeding Month.

If you're interested in helping me with this project and would like to have you and your little one photographed, or know of someone who may be interested please email me at to setup a session. I'll be scheduling first come, first serve method so the first people to give me a date will get the session for that age. Cancellations may result in losing your spot if there are wait listers for that age. Also, because this is a personal project, I will not be traveling outside of Columbus, OH for the sessions.

Thanks everyone!