Nursing Mommas Project (Preview)

I've already completed my first session in the Nursing Mommas Project and I'm super excited to be working on those images. I have a good number of my session spots filled but I'm allowing a few extra because I just love this idea and want to give you mommas out there a special gift. So definitely contact me and I'll let you know if I have a spot left for your family. Specifically, I definitely still need a few more big kids. I know the older the child gets the more reserved some mommas are about sharing that they are still nursing. There is nothing to be ashamed of and I want to encourage any of you "closet nursers" to be brave and join me in this project. I'm planning some various setups but I would really love for the age ranges to be wide. I'm scheduling these sessions anytime between now and the end of July so if you know someone who may not be in my circle, share this blog and have them contact me! Until then, I'll leave you with a sweet preview from my first session.

Enjoy. <3

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