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Friends and Fans,

I haven't blogged for nearly a year since I began solely using my Facebook business page for my session previews. It feels kind of weird to be using my blog again. I feel like it definitely takes more time to make a blogpost than to just post an album or a preview on my page. Although, I have been pretty unhappy off and on with the drop in quality of my photos from Lightroom to Facebook. Plus, I kind of like talking to you all. So here I am. Trying something new (sort of). Since I haven't posted for over a year, I wanted to update with a post of some of my recent work. I put together some collages instead of trying to make a post for each family. That would take far too much time and isn't really necessary. With 3 little ones at home, it takes some creative maneuvering to keep up with everything so I don't have to explain why I try to minimize the amount of time I spend on certain tasks. If I could just take photos and leave the administrative tasks to someone else that would really make life better. I'm sure most photographers feel that way and hey, I'm not complaining. I have a blessed life. I probably can't adequately express how much I love taking photos. My husband is a full-time photographer and we are privileged to get to be doing what we love and making some money doing it. So for now, I'm finding ways to keep it all in balance and loving every minute of it. (Well, let's not be fake about it, I love lots of the minutes of it.)

I hope you enjoy my work and stop by again soon!