***The blog portion of this site is under construction until further notice...

a mama of 3 only has so much time to put into these types of things but it's one of my favorite creative outlets, so it'll get done.  

I have a lot of writings and photos from this past year that I would love to share but anything worth sharing takes time to do it well. So, hang in there, more stuff will be up soon and hopefully properly organized, ha!

[If you're here for photography inquiries, I still freelance in-home sessions when I can, so contact me!]

Feel free to email me if you want to chat, about photography or about my journey into the Catholic faith. Feel free to comment on blogposts or to email me separately with more in-depth questions or debate, I love open dialogue and I don't shy away from direct, confrontative arguments but I do request that you have good notes, quotes, and sources to back up your stance, doing your homework makes us all smarter and more honest, also, nasty comments will be removed but I do take serious questions seriously. So, feel free to ask anything you would like, with sincerity. And know that I am very sincere about my faith. I am also a pretty big jokester so any place where I may poke fun is in light-hearted enjoyment to bring a laugh and never to criticize or passively take jabs at others. You are all my fellow brothers and sisters and I am so thankful that you have taken time to read a little bit of my story.



thanks so much!***