Nighttime Session | Family

This sweet family found me this fall, and really wanted to schedule a family session during the holidays. I didn't have any availability, at the time, but the stars aligned and a cancellation in my schedule made it possible for an in-home session, at the end of November. 

Madison and her family have moved quite a few times, around the country, for her husband's job. They really love Columbus and not knowing, of course, if they will have to move again and/or when that may or may not happen, they were so excited to have a session documented of their home and their neighborhood, doing some of the things that they love. Going to see the lights around downtown, family walks, and not least of all, getting hot chocolate!

I have never done a night-time session. Most of you are fully aware that I only shoot with natural light, so I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant and a little worried that I may not get the quality of images that I am used to capturing at my family sessions, with so little light.

While these may look a bit different than my usual, I adore these images and really love the variety of what I was able to capture. I loved the interactions and I really appreciate the challenge of using the very small amount available light that we had that night, to journal their family walk.

How precious and sweet is their love for their son, Owen. Getting to walk around for a bit, I was able to get a glimpse into their world. Their humor, their silliness, their kindness, and their very chill, laid-back style. 

I really appreciate Madison's creativity and loved the opportunity to document such a unique style of in-home sessions to add to my portfolio.

D'Amarios, you're a beautiful family, inside and out. I look forward to, hopefully, seeing you again, in the future.


Enjoy. <3