Chelse & The Boys | Family

This session has my heart. 

I have 3 children of my own, so in some ways I can relate to this momma who happens to also be a dear friend of mine. There are other ways that I cannot relate. Raising 3 boys, I'm certain, requires so many things, not the least of which being strength.

Chelsea is one of the most gracious and honest friends that I have. She is strong in ways I do not think she even knows. Though, she is also so vulnerable. When you speak to her, you know she is honest, thoughtful and purposeful with her words. She is smart and kind. I imagine that teaching and raising children (she homeschools) requires so much thoughtfulness, not to mention, so much talking, that I am sure it has to be so exhausting.

I'm learning a lot from her. I love having a friend who is just a few years ahead of me in the parenting game, which allows me to relate to her. I value her opinions and perspective, as a mother, and also, in general, as a person who shares a similar belief and parenting mindset.

Most of us don't know what we are doing. We usually have an idea of what outcome we want for our children but we often don't know all the ways that will be required for us to achieve those, or rather to help them to achieve those outcomes, themselves. And so, we band together, those mothers who know that it's gonna take more than just the one of us to accomplish the unsmall feat of raising our children. It takes a village, as they say. I say, it takes a community. 

Community: People with a common agenda, cause or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information and other resources.

Community is how we make it in life. Look around you and think about the people who have survived crazy things. Lived through some really difficult heartache, tragedies and crisis. Those who have, most likely have had some really awesome folks that they can call their community, in their corner.

If I can urge you in any way, in this life, find a community, dig in, open up and be loved. It'll be worth it.


Enjoy. <3