She | Boudoir

Many of you know that I love to photograph, in the home. 

That's kind of the point of this whole site. Sharing my love for documenting life in the home, with the world. It's no surprise that I would be totally on board with documenting some truly beautiful moments for this lovely lady to gift her husband with. Boudoir imagery has gotten a bad rap and has a large history of photographers trying some really ridiculous things, at their client's expense.

For me, Boudoir Photography is so much simpler. Beauty in a relationship is about more than just sex. Of course, we are sexual beings. It's how we were created. Meant for each other. Meant to be attracted. Meant to join in this fantastic dance of romance, dating, marriage, more dating, hopefully, and a lifetime of intimacy, together.

So, when I set out to do this, I wanted to document this wife/momma's beauty in a way that may not have been captured by a camera, before. The images below are of movements that occur on any given day. She's lounging around the house in her husband's shirt, twisting her hair into a bun while she sits at her computer finishing up her work for the day, she plays with a strand of hair while daydreaming of what she wants to cook for dinner, brushing curls away from her face after she's just fixed it for a night out with her hubby, she's laughing at something funny he always does that is goofy and childish but so endearing, she checks her reflection in the mirror after she's freshly applied her makeup for the day, she asks him for help to clasp the necklace she wears everyday (that he bought her for their anniversary, long ago).

All of these movements are everyday things. We don't take notice of our habitual movements and patterns of behavior but we all have them. I didn't know ahead of time what these photos would look like. I just knew that I wanted them to feel realistic. I came in and helped her feel at ease enough to show me what they were. I wanted to capture who she is in a way that would make her feel good about herself; and capture who he sees on a daily basis.

Real beauty is always there.

Sometimes it takes a little polishing but it's there; waiting to be captured and admired.


Enjoy. <3