Love-Mac | Birth

This sweet momma is one of my precious friends

We first met as client and photographer a couple of years ago and have photographed each other's families multiple times, over the last couple of years. During that time we have grown a friendship I simply adore her family. 

She has a heart of gold and such a kind and nurturing spirit. I love watching her mother and getting to be a part of her life. Hanging out or texting, getting each other's opinions on mothering, wifing, and anything to do with living is now commonplace. I was over-ecstatic to hear that she was interested in a home-birth, early on, with her pregnancy with miss Coco and even more ecstatic when I found out that she was going to use my midwife, Kathy. Gah, Kathy is amazing. She is the type of woman who you not only want to be your midwife, you really wish she would just adopt you and be a part of her family, forever. Ha!

Getting the opportunity to work with Kathy and her apprentice, Hannah (who, btw, just passed her CPM! Yay, Hannah!) is like getting an employee bonus.

I love it!

Anyhow, I could talk all day about how awesome Jess is and how much I love Kathy and Hannah but I'll just let you get to the photos.


Enjoy. <3 

(Home Visit at 37 Weeks; Labor commenced at 39 Weeks)