Traxler | Birth

This family. They've stolen my heart. Getting to witness the birth of this sweet baby boy, WES, was one of the highlights of my Spring. It's been a rough year. I didn't get to blog this nearly as soon as I had wanted to. Many of you know that I spent the better half of the year taking care of my dad who was battling end-stage lung disease. It was an inexplicable time of my life and saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. 

I must say that in the journey of life there are many, many events and some bring us such anguish that it feels as though there will never be anything to soothe the pain. At the same time, it should be shared that there are just as many events that bring us much, much joy.

I have the blessing of a job that allows me to document weddings and births, regularly. These events are such epic signposts in our journeys, of the importance of the people who enter our lives. Unfortunately, a big part of life is also dealing with death. I'm still aching and processing the loss of a man who helped shape me. Who loved me and cared for me from the day, much like this one, when I was born.

One very special day, during the blur that was the last year, was this day. A day when a family welcomed a second child into their home. Already parents to a sweet little lady, they delivered this precious, young man into a home where people are treasured and all living beings matter. As I recall, around the time of their home-birth home visit, Zach's business, Traxler Tees, was receiving some public recognition for his decision to stand up for some marginalized youths, from the community, who were being cyber-bullied by some other students from their school for being part of the LGBT community. The fact that he used his money to be a voice against bullying; standing up to hate and standing up for treating everyone with respect and value regardless of your opinion on what they believe or how they live their lives is an important value that so many of us can lose sight of. We all matter. We all have value. We all deserve respect. That's something that my dad taught me. It's something that this family believes and is teaching their little ones by the example that they set.

It was a welcomed distraction to be invited to attend such a beautiful birth on a bright, warm and sunny day. I've said it before but I will never tire of the enjoyment I get from attending births. It fills my tank.

Some days I don't know how I will get through but other days it becomes quite plain to see that faith, hope, and love will get us through the gunk and carry us on to the next big adventure waiting for us in our own epic stories. 

Much love to the Traxler family on welcoming baby Wes. 


Enjoy. <3