Baxter | Birth

Home birth.

For many of you who follow my work, you know that I focus my photography around what happens in the home. 

Family is the essence of what makes a house a home. Every family is different. I wouldn't consider myself a "home birth advocate" because I don't believe that every person should have a home birth. But I do believe that those who desire it, should have every opportunity and the support they need to pursue it.

What I am an advocate of is families. I am also an advocate for families being documented in their homes. Whether that is newborns who have arrived a week or two before, families who want some of their routines captured as keepsakes, special events journalized to share with extended family, or as you will find below, birth at home.

The things I love about home births are: the usually slow, peaceful pace of labor's progression, the knowledgeable support of midwives and doulas who let the mom do whatever is comfortable and desired for her body, the birth tubs (though not always chosen; I love capturing babies born in water), how hands on dad can be; working with midwife to deliver his sweet babe into the arms of his beloved, the smell of essential oils diffusing into the air & the nostalgia I experience when I smell the herb bath warming on the stove, and of course, as with any birth that I attend, the excitement I feel about a baby, a precious & miraculous gift, who will enter the world feeling loved and welcomed by people who adore him/her.

Not all births progress in this manner but all you tiger mommas out there know, no matter the manner of arrival of your baby, you fought like hell to get them here and you will spend the rest of your life doing the same, when it comes to meeting their needs.

Congrats to all mommas and poppas, who put every effort and energy into providing for their families and making them feel loved, day in and day out.

And congratulations to the Baxter family on the arrival of Tully Renegade. You have been through so much, and yet, you stand strong in your courage and faith. You exude love and mercy onto those you encounter. Your babies, like all, are wonderful gifts and more than most, I know you believe it. I'm so happy that she is here, safe and sound.

Thank you so much for the honor of capturing her arrival. 


Enjoy. <3