Davis | Newborn

Paul & Allison contacted me several months before, to photograph their little sweetie, Jacqueline Clare, who was born in mid-May. They had me in to their beautiful home, one afternoon, shortly after her birth, to document some of their new-life routines.

It was wonderful to share in their excitement and joy as they did the mundane (to some) but new (to them) tasks of caring for an infant. It reminded me how much I really, really love babies.

I don't miss the sleep deprivation...at. all. But, oh. man. I miss that warm, sweaty newborn forehead smell and the squishiness of their cheeks and their light little bodies that just ball up when you hold them and the kissing of their face so hard that they try to squirm away...ahhh.

I'll miss it forever.

Thanks Davis family for letting me in and for the opportunity to document some of these sweet, precious memories. 

Treasure them always. 


Enjoy. <3