Summer Days

I mean, for sure, it's December and this is a summer post from a day back in July, when I took my kids out at 7:30am on a Saturday morning, but hey, it's my blog. I can make the rules of my blogging timeline, right?


This summer was so busy, I had found the time to edit these photos but never to publish my blogpost. Now, as I scroll through these photos, I feel so nostalgic for Summer. Not for the heat. I mean, you all know how much I hate being cold. I get goosebumps when it's 75 degrees in my house. But really, I miss the sun. I miss how happy it makes me feel. Living in the midwest, we just kind of forget that we don't see it, as often as we need it, and sometimes, it's more than one-third of the year until we see it on the reg! I love the variety that changing seasons offer but I always miss the sun. My kids love to be outside and, of course, they can go outside when it's 40 degrees (that's my cutoff guys) I notch it down to 32 for short snow breaks but it's VERY SHORT. (Sorry, not sorry. It hurts to be cold.)

But know, it's just so easy to leave the doors open, the windows open, not have to worry about hats, or coats, gloves, or shoes. Just be outside in the sun. Soak it up. Take it in. Play wildly and freely without the weight of all that get-up.

I don't feel energized.

This year, for more reasons than just the season, I feel drained. I feel lethargic. I feel like my creative juices have been unplugged. Wrung out from a busy summer with the kids, wedding season, school and all that it requires, then slam-bang we are into the holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, soon Christmas, then New Years...

Plop. You're done. It's cold. It's grey. It's wet. It's gross. You with me? Ready to move, yet? 


I just go to my hard drive and pull up the sun. I look for my warm photos. I daydream about my favorite warm weather things. I look at photos of my children feeling happy and healthy and I'm content. I can make it through.

Because as much as I hate the downer of Winter, there isn't much that compares to a care-free, laid-back, no-plans, soak-up-the-sun, freedom of a warm, sunny Summer day. 

I live for it.


Enjoy. <3