That Time We Mixed Business With Pleasure | Personal

Oh my goodness. 2 months. That is the longest it has taken me, I think, to actually get a blogpost together. I tried really hard to weed these down, guys. Over 2,000 personal photos were taken on our trip out west! That's not counting the photos we took of our clients. I won't even venture to guess how many there were if we count those in the mix.

This trip had the biggest combination of reasons why you would travel we could've included, I think. We traveled out to Wyoming and Colorado at the beginning of August to 1. Shoot a wedding. 2. Visit family. 3. Celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and 4...I can't remember...what was 4? Oh well. Just to see some places that we had never been before!

If you want to see even more photos (I mean, who wouldn't?) from our trip, check out our two sessions (the "work" part of our trip) on my husband's blog: Faith & Kevin, Stella & Connor.

I could tell you all about all of the cool things we got to experience on our trip but I think the photos do a better job than my words could. I will say two things, I found out where the term "Charlie Horses" originated. It did not feel good. And secondly, Wyoming has the most beautiful scenery that I have ever witnessed in. my. life.

Without further ado... 


Enjoy. <3